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4, Rue Abou Zakaria El Hafsi - 1089 Montfleury - Tunis

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I'm an academic teacher/researcher and I specialize in accounting sciences. I have been in this career since 2002. My research activities are mainly in three fields: accounting in developing countries (the puzzling issue of the adoption of IFRS is strongly present in this axis of research), corporate governance and accounting education. I have several articles published in many internationally recognized revues which are cited and indexed by many research centers and database of peered-reviewed research like SCOPUS, CNRS, ABDC, ABS…etc. Also I have carried out applied studies under contract from PNUD, IACE and OECT. Otherwise, I taught several subjects like IAS/IFRS (elementary and advanced level), banking accounting, corporate taxation, etc. I have also lectured at universities and international organizations in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and France.

Every new experience I live it as a challenge, as a moment of learning, as an opportunity to improve my expertise and not only as a new line in my CV; I' am a permanent self-developer. In all lecture I give and all research I make I try to put forward what I know but also what I have experienced. In my opinion, a lecturer shall have a lot of credibility in the knowledge he/she diffuse.

It is my job and I love it!

Topical focus: Academic research, Lectureship, Academic advising, Academic curriculum development, Corporate governance, Audit Committees, Financial accounting regulation in developing countries, Statistics, Accounting education, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), coaching and career guidance of young people, Content analysis of interviews, Questionnaire design for academic and applied research.   

Scolarité & Diplômes


Habilitation to conduct researches - University of Manouba - Tunisia


Ph.D. in accounting (very honorable) - University of Manouba - Tunisia


M.SC. in accounting - University of Manouba - Tunisia


B.B.A. in accounting - University of Manouba - Tunisia 



Undergraduate level

·         International accounting: IAS/IFRS (Level I)

·         Banking and insurance accounting

·         Managerial accounting

·         Corporate taxation

Graduate level

·         International accounting: IAS/IFRS (advanced level)

·         Topics in international accounting

·         Accountants' labor market 

Doctoral level

·         Topics in archival accounting research

·         Accounting regulation and corporate governance in developing countries

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Expérience professionnelle

Academic position:


Associate professor - ESSEC of Tunis


Assistant professor - ESSEC of Tunis


Academic assistant - ESSEC of Tunis


Teaching assistant - FSJEG of Jendouba

Administrative activities and collective responsibilities:


Director of Programs (ESSEC of Tunis)


Elected member of the scientific board (ESSEC of Tunis)


Member of the scientific board of the interdisciplinary management laboratory (University of Manouba) 


Executive director of a project funded by the PNUD


Elected member of the scientific board (ESSEC of Tunis)


Director of the department of accounting and finance (ESSEC of Tunis)


Membre association

Membre du Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire de Gestion Université - Entreprise